• Sunset over Kabala - Koinadugu province, Sierra Leone 2011
  • ISHI team in action at TQMH hospitals in Ghana, 2015
  • Zeina Wakim, Logistics volunteer, with group of local women, Kabala, Sierra Leone 2011
  • ISHI team, Kabala, Sierra Leone 2013
  • Surgeon Dr. Rosenberg & surgical resident Dr. Bible performing hernia surgery, Kabsla Hospital, Sierra Leone 2013
  • After a full day of triage in Mompong, Ghana 2015

What ISHI Is All About

" Timelapse of a Surgery during the Sierra Leone mission, December 2011 "

" I was up this morning at 4:30am with my body clock and stomach not quite acclimated to the time zone difference and real potable water from the tap. Africa seems simultaneously both so far away and so close by. [...]"


Read about the mission to Sierra Leone in October 2012:

" This is the first ISHI "repeat" Mission. The Mission was initially proposed in 2011 by Marina Goldman R.N. who had worked there as a volunteer with Peace Corps in the1980s. The mission to Kabala in 2011 was a success [...]"


ISHI Volunteers New York City Bike Tour - 400Km of fundraising -

In May 5 2013, 3300$ have been raised! Thanks to the many who contributed.


"The Sight of my Mind Is my Strength", a Visit to Kabala School for the Blind

"It is so often in chasing our own personal and often superficial dreams and desires that we forget about the everyday problems that surround us, and the vast struggles that are unimaginable to us that encompass the human existence. We forget that somewhere out there, there is a child that is abandoned because of his or her inadvertent disability, labeled "useless" and "inconsequential". Discarded into the world to fend for him or herself. [...]"