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Date: October 2015
Location: Madre de Cristo Clinic, Trujillo, Peru
Team Size: 20
Length of Mission: 10 days 
Number of Surgeries Performed: 48

This is the second ISHI mission to Peru. After an initial contact in 2013,  with   Healing The Children (HTC) of New Jersey   upon their return from a mission to Peru. They strongly recommended we pursue a mission to Trujillo, Peru and spoke highly of Kevin Hurley. ISHI contacted Kevin, who initially advised us to try a  local government hospital, but due to the  progress, a decision was made to change course and begin coordination with the Madre de Cristo Clinic.
The Peruvian Consulate provided guidance in completing the required documentation to enter the country as a surgical missionary entity. A formal agreement between Peru and ISHI was drafted and a legalized documentation of ISHI volunteer credentials, roles in the mission, and specific surgical procedures, were defined. Specific documentation was required for surgical instruments, supplies for donation, and equipment intended for temporary admission into Peru. Each box of supplies had a manifest to undergo formal inspection at Customs and Immigration upon entry into Peru. All prepared documents were shared with the local government sponsors prior to arrival, to help ensure ISHI a smooth entry into Peru to conduct the surgical mission.
The Clinic announced   ISHI’s surgical mission through posters advertising and offering free surgical care. The Clinic pre-triaged approximately 80 patients and   prepared a list for the ISHI team. Subsequently, ISHI   conducted operative procedures and post-operative care using this pre-selected patient list.

Patient Care planned:
To perform 50 Major surgical operations in 5 operative days.
To deliver medication and supplies as donations to the Clinic.

Teaching planned:
Teach local staff: informally at bedside, on the ward, and in the OR.

Other Projects Planned:
Evaluate for possible repeat ISHI missions to Trujillo and Visit regional trauma center.
Do a surgical Triage in the Alto Trujillo school clinic.
Use TAP block with portable Ultrasound to reduce post op pain.*( Transversus abdominis plane)


Medical Supplies, materials, and medicines were: Donated by MAP, Americare, and purchased online via Also purchased in Trujillo from the local Pharmacy. -Surgical Equipment: Only ISHI surgical equipment was used on this mission

Three separate groups of volunteers flew to Lima, Peru: The largest group flew from Newark to Lima. A large double-decker bus was used to travel 8 hours overnight from Lima to Trujillo. The ISHI team travelled with 20 boxes and luggage filled with medical supplies and equipment.

LODGING ( 10 days):
The team stayed at Hostal Colonial Hotel, located in the old town of Trujillo.


Patient Care:
Triage of 84 patients
Performed 60 operations and 20 Tap blocks (to reduce pain)
Evaluated surgical patients in the Emergency Room
Donated medication & supplies to Clinica Madre de Cristo

Teaching and Training:
Collaboration between ISHI and local staff and nurses for preoperative evaluation and post op care.
ISHI course given to 2 medial students & 1 PA from a medical elective. They joined ISHI for 6 Days.

Special Projects:
Visited to the Local Governmental Trauma center: strong interest in collaboration and teaching ATLS.
Repeat ISHI mission to Trujillo is recommended due to great support by local institutions.
ISHI mission to more rural clinics was discussed; not feasible due to security and safety issue.
Visited the Alta Trujillo school clinic triaged over 30 patient but few were surgical patients.
ISHI mission practical course (15 stations) well received completed by 3 students
TAP block proved to be very safe and successful in easing post op pain after gallbladder removal.

The mission success was made possible thanks to the help of many key individuals including:
Mr. Kevin Hurley for serving as mission facilitator and guide
Sr. Sandra Leon Valladolid, Administrator, Clinica Madre de Cristo
Clinica Madre de Cristo for welcoming the ISHI Team and sharing their facilities.
All clinic nurses and hospital staff for working hard with the ISHI Team.
Cosme Taipe: met with the Peruvian Consulate, alongside Melanie Halpern, to determine requirements for admission approval to conduct ISHI missions in Peru.
Melanie Halpern: for collecting and preparing documentation for the mission and getting them approved by the Peruvian Consulate.

Peru Team:
Surgery Team: Ziad Charles Sifri  (Mission Leader, attending), Harold Stanley Schell (attending), Nirav Rana (attending), Ravi Chokshi (attending), Firas Madbak (attending), Derick Christian (attending), Anthony Scholer (resident), Joanelle Bailey (resident)
Anesthesia: Bruno Oghenemavwe Beja-Umukoro, (CRNA), Malik --Abdul-Malik Jalloh-Jamboria(CRNA), Yichun Lin, Anesthesia MD ( Resident)
PAR Nurses: Cosme Taipe (Floor/PAR Nurse), Kelsey Huber (OR Nurse), Teri Murphy (OR Nurse), Corinne Bascelli (OR Nurse), Lanika Tucker (PAR Nurse), Mercy Otainu (Floor/PAR Nurse)
Medical Students: Santiago Alexander Lopez, Matthew Kenneth Harris
Logistics Support: Bibo- Ibrahim Georges Sabbagh

ISHI Peru 2015 Team

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