Will (right) during an ISHI mission

In Memory of Will Zendner

Will Zendner was a valued member of the ISHI team. Though he was a pilot by trade, to us he was a logistics coordinator, a team building guru, the manager of all the Leones and the loving husband of Amber. Will was smart and analytical but also lighthearted and funny. His contributions to help his fellow volunteers and local teammates was unmatched; where ever ever he could be of assist, he would make himself available. Will’s appreciation and wonderment surrounding his medically trained colleagues was overwhelming in the most positive way. He would be quick to express gratitude for all that we did for this underserved community. Will’s laugh, lighthearted spirit and his genuine nature are fondly remembered and helped him connect deeply with everyone he encountered. His compassion and love for the community of Kabala is unforgettable. He was proud to be able to be part of something greater than himself with his partner by his side. His legacy will live on through ISHI. 

His family has generously offered in lieu of flowers, please send donations to International Surgical Health Initiative (ISHI) on his behalf. Thank you.