Peru, May 2014

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Date:  May 2014
Location: Madre de Cristo Clinic, Trujillo, Peru
Team Size: 17
Length of Mission: 6 days
Number of Surgeries Performed: 52

This was ISHI’s first mission to the Madre de Cristo Clinic in Trujillo, Peru in May 2014. This mission was proposed by Kevin Hurley of Medical Electives in 2013 and it was decided to wait to pursue mission planning until a mission by Healing the Children (HTC) was completed. HTC strongly recommended an ISHI mission to Peru and Zeina re-initiated contact with Kevin in December 2013 and secured sponsorship with the support of local government official
The Madre de Cristo Clinic in Trujillo announced the mission using posters advertising the ISHI team offering free surgical care. They pre-triaged about 60 patients and sent a typed list to the ISHI team. Subsequently, the list was used by ISHI to prepare for the planned operative procedures and post-op care.

Triage of 72 patients, 52 operations performed with help of 2 local anesthesiologists. Taught local 3rd year medical student who joined ISHI team for 6 days


ISHI Peru 2014 Team

N. Rana MD
D. Livingston MD
N. Banga MD
L. Pasupuleti MD
C. Gordhan 
Z. Sifri MD
Patrick CRNA
B Beja-Umukoro CRNA
S. Burroughs RN
E. Epper RN
S. Galano-Rogers APN
P. Goel RN
C. Taipe RN
A. Patrick RN
Zeina Wakim
Ibrahim Sabbagh Bibo
Debbie Livingston

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