Haiti, November 2014

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Date:  November 2014
Location: Hospital de la Convention Baptiste d’Haiti, Cap-Haitien, Haiti
Team Size: 18
Length of Mission: 7 days
Number of Surgeries Performed: 47

Due to the devastating effects of the Ebola epidemic in Western Africa, ISHI was forced to abandon the planned return mission to Sierra Leone. Thanks to a long-standing interpersonal relationship shared by ISHI and Marie Michele Sidney, RN, and the recent availability of direct flights to Cap-Haïtien, ISHI was able to plan and execute a mission to Cap-Haïten, Haiti on short-notice. Mr. Claude Bonivert facilitated medical and logistical coordination to two trusted collaborators – Dr. Toussaint and Dr. Mesidor.
The mission was centered at the Hospital de la Convention Baptiste d’Haiti (HCBH) in Cap-Haïtien. Dr. Toussant actively pre-triaged surgical candidates in the weeks before the ISHI team arrived. Marie Michele Sidney was also in communication with patients treated by her organization in need of surgical care and several of them traveled together by bus to HCBH for triage assessment.

47 operative procedures; donation of boxes of medication and sterile supplies

ISHI Haiti 2014 Team
Surgery Team: Ziad Sifri MD, Ravi Chokshi MD, Derrick Christian MD, Firas Madbak MD, Neil Banga MD, Amy Gore MD (PGY 3), Peter Johnston MD (PGY3)
Anesthesia: John Dellamanna CRNA, Bradley Patrick CRNA
Medical Students: Christine Mau (MS-IV), Christopher Ojeda (MS-IV)
OR Nurse/Tech: Renae Adamson RN, Corinne Bascelli RN ,Christine Dabby
PAR Nurses: Alison Baker RN, Stephanie Olaso RN
Floor Nurse: Marie Michele Sidney RN
Logistics Support: Zeina Wakim

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