Peru, May 2024

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Date: May 5th - May 13th 2024
Location:  Clinica de Madre de Cristo in Trujillo, Peru
Team Size: 20
Length of Mission: 8 days


This is the seventh ISHI mission to Peru. ISHI’s last mission to Clinica de Madre de Cristo was in 2019 prior to the COVID pandemic. ISHI was invited to return to Clinica de Madre de Cristo by our local champions, Kevin Hurley and local nurse and clinic manager Bon Secour Sister Gladys. 

The Peruvian Consulate in Paterson, NJ provided guidance in completing the required documentation to enter the country as a surgical missionary entity. A formal agreement between Peru and ISHI was drafted and a legalized documentation of ISHI volunteer credentials, roles in the mission, and specific surgical procedures, were defined. Specific documentation was required for surgical instruments, medications, supplies for donation, and equipment intended for temporary admission into Peru. Each box of supplies underwent formal inspection at Customs and Immigration upon entry into Peru. All prepared documents were shared with the local government sponsors prior to arrival, to help ensure ISHI a smooth entry into Peru to conduct the surgical mission.


The local team announced ISHI’s surgical mission via word of mouth and advertisements. The local team pre-screened approximately 40 patients who underwent pre-operative testing. The ISHI team completed a formal triage to ensure careful patient selection. Additional patients were screened as they presented. 


Patient Care:

  • Triaged over 50 patients
  • Performed 51 major operations on 46 patients
  • Performed a total of 24 laparoscopic cholecystectomies – a record high

Teaching and Training:

  • Successful Bleeding Control Instruction to 345 community members with the help of instructors: Ziad Sifri, Natalia Saccone, Esmeralda Da Costa, Melissa Ascoy, and NaYoung Yang
  • Collaboration between ISHI and local staff and nurses for preoperative evaluation and post-op care.
  • Taught medical students on an international Spanish elective. 


    • Donated glasses to prison
    • Field visit to local community to understand the lives and sociocultural aspects of patients treated at Clinica de Madre de Cristo.
    • Donated a new wheelchair for a paraplegic patient who lives in the local community.

    Surgical Team: Ziad Sifri, Jesus Rosado, Amy Gore, Andrew Camerota
    Anesthesia Team: Melinda Ball, Bruno Beja-Umukoro, Joy Quitquit, Megan Maniscalco
    Fellows/Residents/Medical Students: Fransico Alverado, Ryan Benson, Julia Riccardi, NaYoung Yang
    OR Nurse/Tech: Micheal Yusi, Daniela Quispe, Almira Jordan, Melissa Ascoy
    PACU/Floor Nurses: Natalia Saccone, Esmeralda Da Costa, Tracey Bradley, Carla Mae Lopez, Destiny Dominique, Lanika Tucker, Beka Bosire
    Logistics: Jessica Schwartz, Diana Ferreira, Karyn Walker


    In Peru: 

    The success of this mission was thanks to the vital help of many key individuals including:

    • Mr. Kevin Hurley for serving as mission facilitator and guide.
    • Hermana Gladys for her leadership, engagement, and for serving as a liaison and patient advocate at the clinic. 

    • All clinic nurses and hospital staff for working hard with the ISHI Team. 

    In the US: 

    • Dr. Konstantin Khariton and NYP Queens for the donation of medical supplies. 

    Corporate Support:
    • MAP International for donating surgical supplies and materials.

    • Applied Medical for donation of laparoscopic supplies.

    • Covidien Medical Supplies for donation of surgical mesh. 

    Special thanks to ISHI Volunteers and supporters:
    Jesus Rosado for handling consulate documents, his vital role in organizing, packing supplies, exceptional native Spanish language liaison and translation skills, and leadership skills.  

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