Medical Supplies to Ukraine

April 09, 2022

Medical Supplies to Ukraine

Ongoing humanitarian efforts to Ukraine

We are very proud to announce that ISHI has been collaborating with various individuals and Ukrainian organizations to provide support to the ongoing humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

Ukranian medical staff receiving donated medical supplies

Ukranian medical staff receiving donated supplies

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, ISHI has focused on helping with the ongoing relief efforts. We have sorted and packed for hours donation as well as supplies from our inventory. So far we have donated 30 boxes with hundreds of medical supplies and equipment to Ukraine.

 Refugee center on the Ukranian-Polish border

 Refugee center on the Ukranian-Polish border

These medical supplies (such as first aid material, wound care supplies tourniquets etc..) have been selected based on the requests we have received from teams on the ground.The boxes packed with valuable supplies have been transported by courageous volunteers, international carriers, as well by other Ukrainian organizations to Ukraine. 

This ongoing effort is only possible thanks to the volunteers donating their time and effort

These photos highlight the various individuals who are helping with the collection, sorting, packing, and delivery of medical supplies to help the injured and those in need in Ukraine. They also show teams receiving these supplies in Ukraine. 

ISHI would like to thank the NJMS Recover group, the Rutgers Center for Global Surgery, the Ukrainian Association Community center and tens of volunteers who have generously provided their time and effort to help with is initiative to help the people of Ukraine