Meet Stephanie Burroughs

May 09, 2018

Meet Stephanie Burroughs

Exceptional dedication and compassion

Stephanie Burroughs Sierra leone 2013

This week as the nation celebrates National Nurses Week, ISHI would like to highlight one of our most dedicated and respected nurses, Stephanie Burroughs. Stephanie grew up in Jersey City and always dreamed of working as a nurse in the Emergency Department. She has over 20 years of clinical experience and currently works as a trauma nurse at University Hospital, in Newark, NJ.  She has also worked as a Cardiac Nurse, but her passion is undoubtedly in the Trauma ED where, “just when I think I’ve seen everything, something new shows its face.” Her first mission with ISHI was in Guatemala in 2011, and to date, Stephanie has been on over eight missions. In addition to her work in the PACU on missions, Stephanie’s contributions to support ISHI have been invaluable. She educates locals on missions, mentors new volunteers, conducts interviews for new prospects, and helps with organizing and planning ISHI events and fundraisers. She is respected and loved by her co-workers at University Hospital and fellow ISHI volunteers. Stephanie is always calm under pressure, respectful and most importantly on missions, flexible and adaptable.

 “Stephanie is always calm, mature, and happy- always a pleasure to have on missions”- Dr. Ziad Sifri- ISHI President

When Stephanie isn’t working at UH or on missions, she enjoys gardening and crocheting. Stephanie is also on the board of Women Leaders in Action (WLA), a non-profit dedicated to empowering women for success through personal and professional development, mentoring, promoting diabetes awareness, and community outreach activities. Not only is Stephanie a role model for others but she also believes there is always something to learn. “It’s important to realize that when volunteering, you’re not always learning from someone who is more formally educated, that we can learn from anybody and everybody.” She also volunteers her time for medical missions with Saving Lives Initiative, a NGO in Sierra Leone.

Stephanie Burroughs Sierra Leone 2011

“I never met someone like Stephanie Burroughs. She is more than a colleague and mentor; she’s a friend above all. Stephanie is a fountain of knowledge and selfless in all she does. You can always count on her whether to ask a nursing question, to gardening to advice on life. She’s nurturing in every aspect. Even after she’s done caring for her patients, she continues to dedicate herself to ISHI and a women’s empowerment organization.”-Jessica Barbosa, Trauma Surgery, APN-BC

Founder and Executive Director Melissa Zuk of Purses for Nurses recently reached out to ISHI to identify a nurse who we felt embodied the spirit of global healthcare and volunteerism. Without hesitation, we recommended Stephanie. Her dedication, compassion, maturity and warm presence exemplify what ISHI looks for in a volunteer. To see her interview, visit on May 11, 2018.

Stephanie Burroughs

“Always smiling, very cool and calm!”-Bibo Sabbagh- ISHI Treasurer

“Stephanie has a quiet confidence and demeanor that comes across as respectful and approachable. She is open-minded and easily adapts to change. Stephanie, through her years of experience, sees the bigger picture of how missions work. I look forward to being on many more missions with her.”- Vickey Patel- ISHI Vice President- Communications