Ghana, September 2013

  • Ghana 2013
Date: September 2013
Location: Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital, Mampong, Ghana
Team Size: 17 
Length of Mission: 10 days
Number of Surgeries Performed: 48 major operations


In Nov 2008 several of the senior members of ISHI participated on a medical mission to Ghana to the Agona Swedru Government hospital. It was after this life changing experience that sparked the beginning of ISHI and the desire to return to Ghana to help the people who sorely need it.  Through contact with Ms Nellie Kemevor we were able to organize the current mission at the Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital.
Based on our prior knowledge from our previous experience in Ghana we anticipated providing both clinical care and exchange of both technical as well as intellectual information. Or goal was to perform 50 major operations over a 5day period.  Types of disease processes encountered included Inguinal and Ventral hernias as well fibroid disease.  Patients were alerted weeks to months before the mission via public service announcements on the local radio and at the local churches. We also hoped to be able to experience and learn more about the local culture and traditions in Ghana.


ISHI purchased medications, and supplies. We also utilized supplies that were already in the inventory/storage.  We thank MAP/Ethicon for donation of sutures. Americares- Donation of antibiotics, pain medication, surgical supplies and the electrocautery machine. Also we received donations from Kimberly Clark.  We purchased anesthesia medications both here in the US as well as locally in Mampong.  We utilized ISHI surgical instruments on this mission.


48 major operations performed.
Over 80 patients evaluated and treated by the Surgical Team team. Patients who we could not treat or accommodate due to limitations of the schedule were referred to the local surgeon and to the University Hospital in Accra.
Donation of electrocautery machine to TQMH OR
The Anesthesia team assisted with several emergency C-sections.
The Surgical team integrated and participated with the local Surgeon (Dr. Charles Asiedu) in several operations.
Leftover medications donated to the local physician who was providing follow-up to our patients, with the understanding that they were to be dispensed free of charge.
Or nurses provided lectures on sterile technique and infection control. We also instituted the “Time out” as part of the operative procedure in the Operating room.

Surgeons: Kevin Clarke MD, Kamalakar Ayyagari MD, Bogdan Protyniak MD (PGY 4), Joyce Alexander-Bonitz MD (PGY3)
Anesthesia: Leslie Osei-Tutu MD, Joy Grimes CRNA, Keesha Duncan CRNA
PAR: Emma Toussaint Rn, Stephanie Burroughs RN, Felicity Amponsah RN, Dorene Dougan RN
OR Nurses: Socorro Rogers RN/APN(Nurse team leader) Mae Tingson RN, Pushpa Goel RN, Hannah Asare-Boateng RN
Logistics: Alan Toussaint, Job Am

ISHI Ghana 2013 Team

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