Ghana, September 2015

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Date: September 2015
Location: Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital, Mampong, Ghana
Team Size: 20
Length of Mission: 10 days 
Number of Surgeries Performed: 48 

This was ISHI’s third  mission to the Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital (TQMH) in Mampong, Ghana in September  2015.  ISHI was invited back to TQMH with the approval from the hospital leadership and regional tribal leaders.

Local patients were alerted weeks before the ISHI team arrival via public service announcements at TQMH hospital.  We planned to collaborate with the local teams to provide surgical and knowledge exchange.


A total of 100 patients triaged; 48 operations; 40 ultrasound consultations; and 20 medical and palliative care consultations.

Special Thanks to:
The Hon. Helen Ntoso, Regional Minister, for hosting the team.
The Hon. Otoobour Djan Kwasi for allowing us to provide services in the Aburi region.
Dr. Mawuli, Medical Superintendent at the TQMH.
Nellie Kemevor: for Contacting and coordinating with all the Nana and supporting the ISHI effort in Mampong

Surgery Team: Kevin Clarke MD, OgoriKalu  MD, Ziad Sifri MD,  Amy Gore MD, Anthony Scholer MD, Christopher McGreevy MD
Anesthesia: Michal Gajewski MD, Abdul-Malick Jalloh-Jamboree CRNA, Kenneth Mirsky MD, Rebecca Scholl MD
PAR Nurses: Stephanie Burroughs RN, Mercy Emejulu RN, Beverly Bahamondes RN
OR Nurse: Hannah Asare-Boateng RN,  Sara Evangelist RN
Medical & Palliative Care: Tiffany Murano, MD & Janet  Smith
Medical Students: Charles Hillenbrand,  Jaspreet Banga
Logistics Support: Zeina Wakim

ISHI Ghana 2015 Team

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