Ghana, August 2014

  • Ghana 2014
  • Magnificient beaches of West Africa. Beach front near Acra, Ghana's capital.
  • A contemplative look on the way to the team's residence
  • Ghana 2014
  • Ghana 2014
  • Ghana 2014
  • Ghana 2014
  • Ghana 2014
Date: August 2014
Location: Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital, Mampong, Ghana
Team Size: 14
Length of Mission: 2 weeks
Number of Surgeries Performed: 47

This was ISHI’s second return mission to the Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital (TQMH) in Mampong, Ghana in August 2014. We were invited back to TQMH with support from the hospital administration and regional tribal leaders and representatives.

Local patients were alerted weeks to months before the ISHI team arrival via public service announcements at TQMH the hospital, on the local radio, and at local churches.

We anticipated collaborating with local clinical team including a MD and CRNA as part of the patient care plan, and exchanging information with them about the local challenges in healthcare and the rich Ghanian culture and traditions.


52 patients triaged; 47 operations; 20 ultrasound consultations; 30 medical consultations.

Surgery Team: Kevin Clarke MD, Asha Bale MD, Harold Schell MD, Paul Michael Pearce MD (PGY5) , Ziad Sifri MD
Anesthesia: Kenneth Mirsky MD, Bradley Patrick CRNA
PAR Nurses: Stephanie Burroughs RN, Mercy Emejulu RN,
OR Nurse: Hannah Asare-Boateng RN ,Maeve Lopreiato RN
Surgical Tech: Yaw Effah Amoateng,
Medical Team: Zina Semenovskaya MD, Doris Koduah MD
Logistics Support: covered by Zina and Ziad

ISHI Ghana 2014 Team

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