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Date:  May 19 – 28, 2017
Location: Centro de Especialidades médicas de UPAO; Florencia de Moro neighborhood of Trujillo, Peru
Team Size: 20
Length of Mission: 9 days
Number of Surgeries Performed: 47


After three previous successful missions to Trujillo, Peru through our contact Kevin Hurley, ISHI was invited to come perform a mission at the newly opened Centro de Especialidades médicas de UPAO. ISHI would be the first of hopefully many mission organizations providing care to the impoverished population which the clinic serves. Part of our mission was to test the operating rooms and system to help the local team build for the future expansion of service.


The hospital announced ISHI’s surgical mission through posters advertising and offering free surgical care. The local physicians pre-triaged approximately 70 patients and prepared a list for the ISHI team, which included mainly gall bladder disease and hernias. The Centro de Especialidades médicas de UPAO is located within the Florencia de Moro neighborhood in Trujillo - Peru’s second largest city. The center serves many of the poorest of Trujillo’s citizens from the surrounding neighborhoods.

ISHI Peru 2017 Team


A total of 47 cases were performed including 18 laparoscopic cases (a new record for ISHI). On-site training in all aspects of surgical flow from triage through post-operative care was performed for local staff and for medical students from the Medical Electives Trujillo Program. Two of our patients unfortunately had complicated post-operative courses but thanks to the teamwork with the local doctors at the Hospital Regional de Trujillo and Hospital Belen, one has been discharged and seen at follow up and is doing well and the other is recovering well under the watchful eyes of our local champions.

The first post-operative visit was provided for all patients returning the following week by Drs. Peter Johnston and Akia Caine. Long-term follow up was also provided for patients from the previous mission.

ISHI continued its quality improvement projects with surveys for patients and local staff.

Special Thanks to: Mr. Kevin Hurley for serving as mission facilitator and guide
Dra Maria Luján- medical director of the Centro de Especialidades médicas de UPAO
Milagros Sanchez –
Social worker instrumental in navigating the complex Peruvian healthcare system
Dr Freddy – local Trujillian renaissance doctor, assisting in literally all aspects of patient care
All clinic nurses and hospital staff for working hard with the ISHI Team.

The staff at the Regional Hospital de Trujillo and Hospital Belen for their assistance with our complicated patients.

Thank you to the Afya Foundation, Americares-MOP program, MAP-Ethicon, Hagerstown Hospital for supply donations as well as St. Peter’s University Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ and University of Florida Health for loan of laparoscopic instruments.

Thank you to all NJMS RECOVER volunteers for the collection of supplies that would otherwise need to be donated or bought were salvaged from operating rooms overages and re-sterilized for use.


Surgical Team:  Ziad Sifri MD, Andrew Camerota MD, Firas Madbak MD, Carrie Valdez MD, Akia Caine MD, Peter Johnston MD, Pranavi Vemuri MD
Anesthesia: Michal Gajewski MD, Faraz Quarishi MD, Bruno Beja-Umukoro CRNA
PAR Nurses: Lanika Tucker RN, Jessica Barbosa APN
OR Nurse/Tech: Yadira Rodriguez RN, Diana Catalina Smith, Kevin Neuenschwander
Logistics Support: Ibrahim Bibo Sabbagh (remote), Andrew Abdelmalek
Physical Therapist: Vickey Patel
Ward Nurses: Cosme Taipe RN, Kimberly Gray RN
Physician Assistant:  Elaina Preston PA
Special Guest Volunteer: Lisa Hoemke PA


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