Volunteering from Sweden

September 12, 2016

Volunteering from Sweden

Sara joined ISHI as a logistic volunteer and has been in charge of a good chunk of the Ghana 2016 mission backstage setup. With a laptop, an internet connection and a lot of dedication she has been able to do it remotely from Sweden.

Sara lives in Stockholm (photo above), where she currently works as a project coordinator at Stockholm University.

She has a BA in International relations, Master of Human rights and among her aspiration is to become actively involved in advancing human rights, education, integration of immigrants, anti-racism and equal rights for all.

Sara Sifri Logistic Volunteer

As most ISHI volunteers she loves traveling. And even though her schedule won’t allow her joining The Ghana 2016 mission, she is looking forward at doing so on a future mission, preferably she hopes, in South East Asia or South America.

Sara’s work is invaluable as pre-mission preparation accounts for a lot of effort, time, details, planning, follow-ups and commitment.